12/18/14 Attended the Summit for 'Homeless & Mental Illness' Los Angeles & Reported
on 'AVTV' about these issues and spoke with many skilled individuals for 'AVTV'
11/14 Reaching out to LAUSD Supervisor that I know to set up a program in the elementary
school in L.A. to bring a television star and myself to teach the kids good citizenship, and
basic safety rules.
11/14 writing an article for a local paper talking about this problem
10/14 Got a late start on collecting sigs for David Hernandez run against Kercorian for city
council seat 2, continue helping him because he is pro fighting human trafficking and child
abuse, and prositution.
10/14 Met with Deputy Chief Villegas, Commander Peters, Captain (3) Eskridge, Dr
Peters  Mary Magdalen Church, and Vice commander Evans, Cindy Sower, Mrs Yapeli and
talked about new strategies to attack human and sex trafficking and prostitution, and child
abuse and keep the pressure on the criminals.
10/14 Neighborhood Council and spoke about the on going issues of prostitution in he SFV
9/14 LAPD Officers Appreciation Day Foothill Division
8/14 CPAB meeting updated about human trafficking to CPAB group
8/14 Shot and produced a show for Neighborhood Pride Day for 'AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!
8/14 Tracked down some johns, and reporter where a pimp lives which Vice is watching
8/14 Creating a new facebook site for the Coalition
8/14 Patti Lopez run for State Assembly who wants to really get the state involved with us
7/1]14 visit  
FACEBOOK  'Fight Human Trafficking and abuse
7/1/14 'Justice For KIDS Justice For ALL ready for fall submissions
7/25/14 Meeting with Honorable Congressman Tony Cardenas Regional Director/Juvilie
Justice Discussion to work with the Congressman on these important issues today
7/30/14 Speaking at the summit against Human Trafficking At Van Nuys City Hall
2014 to date passed out 12000 flyer's in these surrounding hard hit neighborhoods on how
they can help and join our coalition.
2014 We are asked to lecture at the mandatory John's schools for sex traffic customers
2014 many postings and quotes are popping up everywhere form Jesse Torrero as the
media begin to help fight this problem.
2014 we are working closer and closer with the S.V Neighborhood City Council to fight the
Topless Bar.
2014 Cindy Sower and I (my Co-Director) have meet with Captain Malinowski, and Vice,
along with our SLO Officer Wall at Foothill to continue the push that has started to make
some headway.
2014 Working Closely with Council  Persons (CD6) Nuri Martinez, Felipe Fuentes, Paul
Kerkorian, state Assemblyman Bocanegrah, Congressman Tony Cardinas. to figth this
Human Trafficking Problem.
The Coalition is fighting a strip club that want to open business on the prostitution
corridor which we have worked so hard to clean up and are just starting to see results.
2014 The Coalition continues to fight the issues of Human trafficking, Prostitution, and Pimps'
2014 With new police powers, and legal backing major headway is taking place. 50 pimps
have gone away with almost a dozen felonies.
2014 Jesse Torrero continues to work with CPAB along with partner Cindy Sower.
2014 Jesse Torrero is a regular contributor to the North Valley Reporter Newspaper
contributing his commentary on a regular basis, about the issues of the day.
2013 Jesse Torrero meets with State Assemblyman Bocanegra
2013 Jesse Torrero meets with Council Member Fuentes
2013 Jesse Torrero works with Congressman Cardeas Health Bill
2013 Many media outlets seek inteviews with Jesse Torrero Regarding Prostitution
2013 Jesse Torrero passes oit 3000 flyers in community for Human trafficking issues'
2013 Jesse Torrero works closely with Foothill Division LAPD to stop Prostitution in S.V.
2013 Jesse Torrero meets with CD6 Nuri Martinez
2013 Jesse Torrero and Coopers Crusaders are invited to world Premier of the new movie
Madoff with America by Edmund Druhlet.
2013 Participated in the L.A.P.D. CPAB Summit on Stage.
2013 the Coalition Start Working LAPD Division in North Hollywood and Captain Carmona.
"Coopers Crusaders" 'Justice For KIDS' shows up and supports
Pacoima Charter School, LAPD, Expidente Rojo, Child Services, LAUSD, and others for a
community information gathering about Child
Abuse and how to see it, stop it, and prevent it.
2013 Coalition Meets With L.A. Mayor Garceti Home Land Securityofficial Sue Stengle, Field
Representative Aura Garcia, Commander Regina Scott LAPD, and Captain Malinowski LAPD.
2013 Coalition Meets With Congressman Cardenas
2013 Coalition meets with City Council Nuri Martinez
2013 Coalition meets with State Asymblyman Bocanegrah
2013 Coalition meets with City Council Fuentes
2013 Coalition meets with L.A. Mayor Garcetti Chief of Home-
land Security, and Field Representative
2013 Coaltions Joins Up With "Coopers Crusaders" 'Justice
For KIDS' Reality Show to help stop child abuse.
2013 Coaltion Brings Politicians Tegether Keep Them Aware
2013 Coalition Starts a Door to Door Info Campaign
2013 Coalition Helps Bust 23 Pimps Since Jan. 2013
2013 'Coalition Against Human Trafficing' Co-Directors Jesse Torrero & Cindy Sower along
with the community and the  Foothill Division/LAPD Officiers with Captain Maliowski have
been able to REDUCE prostitution, pimping & pandering tremedeously through a combined
2013 Developing A Non-Profit to Raise M
oney to fight Human    
2013 April 9, Foothill Station LAPD, 5:30 pm, 'Human Trafficking Coalition Meeting"
Get Envoloved Stop The Abuse     
2013 Successfully Worked With Zoning For A   
Variance Grant On CM1 Zoning, L.A. CA.
2013 Created A Coalition Crime Fight Non-Profit
To Fight Prostitution, Human Trafficing Issues
In L.A. CA.
2012 Defended Embattled LAPD Captain Joseph
Hiltner In Front Of LAPD Commissioners,
Met With LAPD Upper Managment, And
2012 Spoke to Media Outlets KNBC, KTLA, KCBS
About The Prostitution Problem In S.V. CA.
2012 Successfully Cleaned Out A Drug And
Prostitution House Working Closely With
LAPD, Neighborhood Citizens, And Several
Councilmen In City Of L.A., CA.
2012 CPAB Member
2009-1995 Youth Base Ball Coach
2007-2009 Saftey Director Mid Valley Baseball
2003 Successfully Repelled Actions Against
Black Stallion Estates Housing Development
Set Back Requirements, And Bridal Paths
L.A., CA.
1998 Created A Independent Trash Pick Up Service
That Cleaned Up Street Trash In The
Community, L.A., CA.
1987 Worked In Richard Alarcons 1st Campaign
1985 Created A Graffiti Clean Up Program L.A.,CA.2
WING CHUN Practitioner & Coach  JESSE TORRERO in 'HOME DEFENDER' Magazine  
"Jesse Torrero " ,Community Activist & Co-Director  
In Los Angeles (East S.F.V) of the "Coalition Against
Human Trafficking" &  Child Abusers. Web site
Justice For KIDS-Justice For ALL with Jesse T'
Jesse Torrero
Fights Crime
''The Coalition
Against Human
Daily News Article
October 2013
Jesse T' Fights Prostitution
& Human Trafficking- Info
Art Volo Radios Best Friend, Famous A&R Man Steve
at Jesse Torrero L.A.Radio Vet.