Jesse Torrero
Honorable U.S. Congressman Tony Cardenas and  Jesse Torrero CEO WINWINWIN, Inc
The Honorable  Congressman Tony Cardenas and CEO of
WINWINWIN, Inc. Jesse Torrero,After meeting on juvenile
justice and child abuse (8/13)
Wrap on film 'When He Hit The Ground"
Jesse 'B.B.O.D. Torrero, and Jesse Torrero
Set of "Coopers Crusaders" Justice For KIDS'
Writer Director Producer Jesse "B.B.O.D."
Torrero , and Mr. Cooper, Guns, Mini Cooper,
Might Moe
Wing Chun Kung Fu Brothers From Sifu Gary Lam
back yard days.  Peter on the left lives in China
now, myself with the ball cap on, and my brother in
Germany Kemal....great times! around 2000.
From the movie in pre production Master
Wen, Star Actor Jeff Langton, and Actor
Jesse "B.B.O.D." Torrero..Return of the
Shaolin Dragon...2014 release.
L.A.V.C Football team I'm how the
time has flown by !
Jesse "B.B.O.D." Torrero getting his
Certificate from the Los Angeles Fire
Department 2013, as a Licensed and
certified C.E.R.T. member..Energency First
March Against HUMAN TRAFFICKING. 2012
Brought together by Cindy Sower and
Jesse Torrero Co-Directors of the
TRAFFICKING" along with the L.A.P.D. and
CD6 of Los Angeles.
CLU Football Team ..I'm #60 ..All
American and All West Coast
NAIA Offensive Guard.
Film Prod. Antonio Gialini  
and Prod. Jesse T'
With Super Star A&R Man Steve Resnic
showing me his huge  rock 'n' roll
museum, Steve is arguably one of the top 5
A&R men ever in the business.
It's always a treat when Hollywood
Producer Bob Debrino is in town. This guys
is so full of energy, just a very cool dude
and friend. One of his films was the only
Dramatic serious film Vin Diesel did....One
Of My Favs! We're trying to do some
projects together.....I just gotta convince him
1989 my long time friend renowned and
super talented Actor, Writer, Producer,
Director Sy Richardson fresh off  the great
film 'Redo Man', and myself  Jesse Torrero
'The Brown Beauty On Duty' (Full Time
Radio Personality),  On The Air at AM
Stereo 1580 KDAY  in Los Angeles. Just
hanging out in church. We had met at Guy
Stockwells Acting Class several years  
before...hey two CHICAGO Boys had to
stick together!
With Hosts Jesse and Gil at the Grand
Prix Cart Races broadcasting Live!
Council Women Of The City Of Los Angeles
CD6 Nury Martinez with C.A.H.T. Coalition
Against Human Trafficking Co-Director
Jesse Torrero  right  after Nury and the City
Council of Los Angeles recognized Jesse
and gave him a Comendation for all his
continued hard work fighting Human
trafficking in Los Angeles 2015
At Creative Artist Agency CAA Jesse and Gil
catching up with a few A Listers for interviews
From My College Football Days from a long
time ago one of my best buddies, John
Brenzich who owns a huge construction firm
in my home town of Chicago, Ill.  He came
back to L.A. to visit...Great Times1